Thursday, April 12, 2007

Story Bridge Adventure Climb

The Story Bridge Adventure Climb is a two and a half hour climb to the top of Brisbane's Story Bridge. Climbs can be done most days, with four sessions at dawn, day, night and twilight. At the top you are about 80 metres above the Brisbane River, with a 360 degree panoramic view of the city and surrounding suburbs. Prices range from $110-$130 for adults and $82.50 to $97.50 for kids over 12, depending on the day and time of your climb. Base Headquarters is on the Kangaroo Point side of the bridge at 170 Main Street.

Climbs are limited to groups of 12 and are led by an experienced climb leader who provides commentary about the history and heritage of both the bridge and the city. Climbers trek under and over the bridge’s superstructure and the overall climb is around 1 kilometre. The views include east to Moreton Bay and surrounding islands, north to the Glasshouse Mountains, west to Mount Cootha, and south to the Lamington National Park. You can also trace the flow of the Brisbane river out to the Pacific Ocean.

Have I done the adventure climb? No. Am I afraid of heights? Yes. Its not so much the heights I'm afraid of, but rather the fear of jumping off. In this instance, everyone who climbs is attached to a static line for the entire duration, and they are quite strict on the safety aspects which are to be adhered to. I have friends who have done it who say its sensational, particularly at dawn. This afternoon, it was quite overcast, so at least they wouldn't have had to wear sunscreen. If you're touring to Brisbane, why not give it a go. You can even book on their website online.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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blackbeltmama said...

Cool blog. I'll have to point my sister in your direction as she wants to travel there in the worst way!

Paul said...

These prices are old. Climbs now are from $89 to $130. And children and concessions get a 15% off these rates. The climb web site has specials running from time to time.

Anonymous said...

I am scared of heights - but did the climb last week. It was amazing. Great fun and as soon as I realised there is no way of falling - my nerves settled down quite a lot. The tour guide was really kind and helped me a lot. Cool facts and stories as well. I found info on their Facebook page under Story Bridge Adventure Climb. Got a special offer being a fan. Not sure if I'm meant to say that - but hey its true..