Sunday, April 8, 2007

All Saints Anglican Church

All Saints Anglican Church is located at 32 Wickham Terrace. As it is Easter, I thought it appropriate to do another post about an historic church. The present church, the oldest existing Anglican Church in Brisbane, was opened for worship in 1869, replacing an earlier structure of 1862. The original church was a small rubble structure, designed by architect by Benjamin Backhouse. In 1869 architect Richard Suter designed the alterations, which effectively turned into almost a complete rebuild in Gothic style.

The Church was designated as All Saints in 1869. The east end of the church contains the oldest stained glass in Brisbane, installed in 1870. The interior contains examples of hammer-beam roof construction, which is rare in Australia. Artwork includes plaster Stations of the Cross by well known Brisbane sculptor Daphne Mayo, and Christ accepting his Cross in the forecourt. The inscription on the western side of the church reads. DOMUS MEA DOMUS ORATIONIS (My House shall be called a House of Prayer).

I found it interesting that whilst researching this church, although it is Anglican (Church of England) there is a strong tie to the Catholic Church in their services. As their website proclaims, they aim to remind all Anglicans of their historic claim to be an integral part of the Catholic Church. My ignorance is such that when I think Anglican I think of Henry VIII. The church itself is part of the historical fabric of Brisbane. I find it fascinating that of most things which are historically retained in our cities, it is usually the churches which remain in much greater ratios than other buildings.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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