Monday, April 2, 2007

A Hidden Heritage Walkway

As part of the building of Admiralty Towers II, a residential apartment block at 501 Queen Street, the developers created what is known as Admiralty Towers Pocket Park. The tower was completed in 1996. The park provides an escape from the concrete jungle and a place where tower residents can at least have some greenery. It looks out over the river, so the views are fantastic. However, the thing that has struck me in this area is what I would term as a "hidden" walkway below the rear of the park.

What intrigues me about the walkway is the architecture of the retaining wall. I assume it was part of the works done to prevent flooding of Queen Street as it approached the river, keeping at its elevated level significantly above the waterline. I also believe it was built at the same time as the original Customs House. It appears to be sandstone stonework with arched insets. The wall itself would be a good five metres high.

I know that I'm indulging myself here, but when I first walked this path I was amazed at how few people would have known it was even there. True, if you were in the Admiralty Tower's, it provides a shortcut up to Queen Street. Alternatively, if you were staying at the Marriott, and took the back entrance you could go through it. I just love the stonework, and that it has stood the test of time, even with new residential developments in the area.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Magic Bellybutton said...

I didn't know that was there! Thanks for showing it, I'll have to wander up that way soon.

Anonymous said...

cool! interesting stonework