Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Visitor Information Centre

The Brisbane Visitor Information Centre is located in the lower Queen Street Mall, between Edward and Albert Street. The centre is open everyday from 9:00am, generally to around 5:00pm. It is open until 7:00pm on Fridays. It features a wealth of information about what's on in and around Brisbane, and features booking desks, interactive touch screens, brochure and map racks, automatic tellers, as well as a transport information window for local transport schedules and ticket purchases.

The Visitor Information Centre is run by Brisbane Marketing with the assistance of Brisbane City Council. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful, even with the large influx of tourists which are generally found there each day. There were over 4 million domestic visitors to the Brisbane region last year, and around 800,000 internationals, so having a centrally located information hub is incredibly important. You can see why it is so busy!

This is really a fantastic resource not only for tourists but for the people of Brisbane as well. You can find out so much here. They have a booking centre for travel and tourism bookings, and I really love how they've set up the interactive touch screens. Its like a big computer screen on glass, which you just touch to browse around with. Very cool, and if I can get the hang of it even with my latest lack of affinity with computing technology, then anyone can.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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carrie said...

Woo-hoo, now I know right where to go if I ever make it to Brisbane!

Thanks for the birthday wishes Wes!


Squishy said...

Oh I miss Brisbane. Have to go back for a weekend. Keep up the smashing work.

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear wes. 4 million? Blimey! That's a pretty impressive figure. I guess the weather does turn some people on! (Actually, I love the Brisbane weather. Nothing like being sweaty). PS Can't believe you're a blues fan. How do you survive??

Wes said...

Hi All,
Well, for anyone who visits, you definitely know where to go, so come for either the first time (Carrie), or come back (Squishy, LMM!)
With the Blues, I actually barrack for the Carlton Blues in the AFL, not the Rugby State of Origin Blues. Either way, its sometimes hard to survive!!! (For Origin, I must support Brisbane!)
Cheers, Wes.