Monday, April 23, 2007

Queensland Womens War Memorial

In this ANZAC week, its appropriate to recognise another of the features of ANZAC Square. The Queensland Women's War Memorial is located on the western wall of the Square, below the Shrine of Remembrance. It was unveiled in 1932 as an initiative of the then Brisbane Women's Club and funded by public subscription.

Designed and sculpted by renowned local sculptress Daphne Mayo, it has two significant components. The most obvious of these is
bas relief in Helidon sandstone depicting a number of soldiers and horsemen with horse drawn guns in a military procession. This is highlighted with the inscription above which reads: "Erected by the Women of Queensland in memory of those who lost their lives through The Great War 1914-1918". The commemorative lettering surrounds a bronze laurel wreath. The second component is the drinking fountain which is made of bronze and sandstone. The interesting element of the fountain are the sculpted dolphins which hold it in place.

With work which has recently been undertaken at the square this area has been given a renewed lease of life. The detail of the relief is quite amazing, and shows the sculptor near the heights of her talent. Originally the memorial was to be just to servicewomen, however in 1929 the Women's Club decided to extend it to all the State's war dead. A truly fitting tribute.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Ann said...

My daughter and son-in-law ran away from England three weeks ago and are now in Brisbane. The aforementioned son-in-law said I should look at your blog to get a feel of Brisbane. I have to say I do enjoy reading it.It is still a long way from home though!

Wes said...

Hi Ann,
Well, if they had to run to anywhere, this is a great place to run too! You'll have to come and visit them now, so you can enjoy everything we have to offer here.
Cheers, Wes.