Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Aurora - Queensland Country Life Building Facade

The Aurora Tower at 420 Queen Street is currently the tallest building in Brisbane. With 69 floors and at an overall height of 207 metres it is visible from many suburbs outside the CBD. It comprises 18 penthouses, 54 skyhomes (two storey luxury apartments) and 408 apartments. There's also a recreation deck with pool, spa, gym, sauna, and mini cinema. Centrally located, if you were into inner-city living it would be a great place to live. Aurora Tower was opened on May 5, 2006.

The interesting thing about this building was the inclusion of the facade from the old Queensland Country Life Building. At 432-440 Queen Street, it has been incorporated, as you can see, into the fascia of the Aurora Tower. This dates back to 1888-89. In the late Victorian style, it is an example of Richard Gailey's work, a prominent architect of the time. Note the well maintained and restored rendering, Corinthian columns and intricate cornice work which has been done.

This is a fantastic example of how the old and the new can be brought together. We have a great new building, providing residential accommodation and many high technology components befitting a building of the 2000's. Juxtaposed with this is architecture from more than a century prior, showing the intricacies and engineering skills of craftsmen without any of the benefits of modern technology and design. Its brilliant, and another reason why it is so great to live here.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Jodi said...

brilliant indeed. that is just breaktaking really, the old part I mean. Well, and the fact there is 2 story apartments in the new part. Holy Cow. It reminds me of the apartment on the "Cosby" show from the 80's. :)

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear wes. Was that facade one of the ones the Deane Brothers left behind?

Wes said...

Jodi: It is very Cosby isn't it! LOL

LMM: I can't find any reference to the Deane Brothers, so I'm not sure if they had anything to do with keeping the facade, but for a long while on the site that was all that was there, with a car park behind it.

billy blue said...

what a great site. just discivered brisbane in the last 2 weeks. and am delighted with what ive seen so far. now i come across your site which will help me with looking about. Thanx Wez.

Wes said...

Thanks Billy! Hope you continue to enjoy it!