Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Courier

The Courier is an interactive artwork located at the intersection of George and Charlotte Streets. At first glance, when you approach this sculpture, it appears as though all you are viewing is a large wrapped up stainless steel newspaper. If you bother to look closer, you'll be surprised by the actual nature of this work. Sculpture John Coleman has a reputation for the unconventional, with an emphasis on surprise and the unexpected. Installed in 1999 this certainly meets his criteria.

The Courier's exterior presents news snippets from an early edition of the Moreton Bay Courier. This newspaper was established in 1846, later becoming the Brisbane Courier before merging with the Daily Mail to become Brisbane's current newspaper daily, the Courier Mail. The associated plaque recognises the publication of the Moreton Bay Courier close to the site of the sculpture from 1851 to 1884.

The cool thing about this sculpture is if you look in the various portals around the sculpture you get to see stories of the past and images of the present. When we wandered up to this as a family, my first thought was that I just wanted to take a picture of this fascinating sculpture. Imagine my surprise when my son started looking through all the eye pieces saying "Dad, Dad! Look at this!" Inside we found all sorts of images. Note, it is also important to be holding a red cricket bat. Very Aussie!

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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