Monday, January 1, 2007

The Story Bridge

I thought it appropriate to start a WeBlog about how I Love Brisbane with one of its most endearing Icons, the Story Bridge. Most mornings when I walk into work I park in a suburb of Brisbane known as New Farm. As I walk along the Brisbane River, I get the above fantastic view of the Story Bridge, with the city in the background. Opened in 1940, it provides one of the main links between the North and South sides of the city.

I love this walk to work. It takes about 1/2 an hour, and I have all sorts of nerdy habits I partake. There are all these kick ass spiders along the path that spin webs over the trees. We're talking near hand size for some of the big ones, but they just sit up in the trees catching whatever passes by. During the hot summer months there are lizards which come out and laze on the hot path. There is also a constant stream of people going back and forth, and I love to people watch. This isn't the only dominant picture of the Bridge you can get. If you walk further along the river on the city side and look back, the Bridge continues to dominate your view.

But it is the walk back from the city which at the moment provides some of the most spectacular views of the bridge and the city. Each night, you get to watch the sun set behind the city as the lights come up and start twinkling both on the bridge and with the building towers. The river offsets this with great reflections.

I love living in this city. It has so much to offer, and its grown from being the big country town when we first moved here seven years ago. There are beaches both north and south, there's a ring of rainforests to the west, and everywhere there are outdoor activities you can undertake. The weather is fantastic year round, bar a few hot and humid weeks. These are easily countered with a pool and air conditioning! The people are friendly, and now there's pretty much everything you could want. So if you come to Australia, or if you live here already, get yourself to Brisbane!

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Melody said...

Hi! I've been a bit of a lurker on your old site for the last couple of I am delurking myself on your new blog!

My partner, daughter and myself moved from Melb to Cairns in April 2006 and love it... Down the track we can see ourselves moving to Brisbane, so I will will be back again soon...

My sister used to live in Brissy about 13 years ago and I too remember it being like a big country town. I know for sure, it has changed so I look forward to having another look around, maybe later on in the year...