Sunday, May 13, 2007

City Roos

City Roos
On George Street, near the Queen Street Mall and opposite Brisbane Square you will find a collection of metallic sculptures known as the City Roos. As its associated plaque outlines, the sculptures are made from discarded scrapmetal from a cross-section of industries. Created by Christopher Trotter in 1999, the sculpture - as do many of his other works - takes a look at the creative and classic Australian culture of 'making do'. It also notes that the Roos symbolize the importance of sharing space and communication.

City RoosChristopher Trotter is a very active Brisbane artist. Born in 1967, his Curriculum Vitae highlights a sculptor with a voracious talent for working with discarded metal, creating all kinds of interesting art. As he outlines in his artist statement, "Time moves on, technology changes, shape changes as functions change. One thing remains constant - there will always be material to be recycled...". He has recycled the materials on display here to excellent effect.

City RoosI love, when doing research for this blog, to find information which goes beyond what it is that I've originally seen out on the streets. Christopher's web site is a fine example of this, taking you into the labyrinth of his work in a fun, interactive way. So not only do I have the delight of seeing my son and many other tourists enjoy the physical and whimsical nature of his sculpture, I get to enjoy a digital treat as well.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Emma said...

Hi Wes - do you do requests? I am really intrigued by the big pink mansion that sits over the river from the new farm city cat stop.

Wes said...

Hi Emma,
I know the mansion you're talking about, but don't know much more about it. It is a little out of the way from the CBD area, but I'll see if I can find out some more and put up a post in the coming weeks!
Cheers, Wes.

Emma said...

Wes - you're a legend. It just intrigues me whenever I go off to market. I hope there's a good story and not some perfectly rational explanation!

Jodi said...

Chad came and read over my shoulder and I was looking at those cute Roos and he says, "Hey, those look like they are made out of old transmission parts!". Yeah, whatever honey,they're cute. Aren't they cute? He just didn't get it.....*men*! :)

rey8701 said...

hey guys, that pink mansion that your talking about used to be owned by christopher skase.

Anonymous said...

The Pink Mansion was built and owned by Keith Lloyd, not Christopher Skase.

Hayley said...

It's a myth that skase owned it. It was owned by Keith Lloyd the boat builder.