Friday, May 25, 2007

Commissariat Store

Commissariat Store
The Commissariat Store at 115 William Street is the current home of the Royal Historical Society of Brisbane (RHSQ). The building is one of the most significant building, having been completed in 1829. Like the Old Windmill, it was originally built by convicts and is one of the only remaining remnants of the original penal settlement on which Brisbane was founded. Today, it effectively runs as a museum to Brisbane's history. It is open Tuesday to Sunday 10.00am - 4.00pm, with adults costing $4.00 to enter, and children $2.00.

Commissariat Store
The Commissariat store's primary role was to hold good for storage and distribution to the military, convicts and colonists. It was also used to control the supply of medicines and hospital equipment, customs and banking. When the penal settlement finally closed after more than a decade of brutal reign, the store became a land sales office, and then a military and police barracks. From the 1880's it became government offices, was extended in 1913, and in 1982 became the home of the RHSQ. It also holds the Welsby library for those who wish to research Queensland history.

Commissariat StoreWhen I visited, I was amazed at the wealth of historical displays and information on Brisbane held within the building. Not only is the building itself a wonderful historical icon, but the materials kept and displayed here all offer aspects of Brisbane's history which are both insightful and interesting. One specific thing which sent chills down my spine was the gallows beam from Boggo Road Gaol, on which several men were hung during its time as a prison. Then there are other uplifting displays to men such as Thomas Petrie who worked tirelessly for Aboriginal rights. The tour guides do an excellent job as well.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Jodi said...

OHHH,I love those hardwood floors. And that's really creepy about the beams. EEK.

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