Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Naldham House

Naldham HouseNaldham House is located at 193 Mary Street, at the intersection of Mary Street and Felix Street. Currently home to the Brisbane Polo Club who began operating from the building in 1990, the building has a long history, originally being part of the maritime community. Naldham House was built in the late 1870s with major extensions in 1889 and served for almost a century as a shipping office. In 1988 major external and internal alternations were carried out in converting the building into premises for the polo club.

Naldham HouseThe site where Naldham House stands, adjacent to the Brisbane River, was acquired by the Australasian Steam Navigation Company (ASN) in March 1852. In 1864 a two storey office building was erected, and was extended during the intervening years to 1888, when renovations began creating the building in its current form. The name Naldham House came about in 1915 when the building was taken over by McDonald Hamilton - Naldham being a contraction of the two names. For many years the port trade played a significant factor in the economic success of the shipping companies, and they dominated much of the Brisbane River waterfront.

Naldham House
The building itself exudes English colonial style. The building forms a thin rectangle with the visually dominant tower being located at the north-eastern end. I love how the stark white rendering has been maintained, and the architectural integrity has been kept intact. You can take a virtual tour of the insides of the building, and here you can see the definite formal British club influence of the renovations.

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Jodi said...

how would one join a polo club exactly? why would you want to? Except of course you'd get to go to that cool building I guess....