Friday, January 19, 2007

The Queen Street Mall

The Queen Street Mall is a pedestrian thoroughfare which runs through the centre of Brisbane, from Edward Street to George Street. Spanning two city blocks and around half a kilometre, the Mall is the premier shopping precinct within the Central Business District. These three photos show shots as you progress up the mall, beginning at Edward Street.

There are many iconic shops located throughout the Mall, and a raft of shopping locations. If you want to shop in Brisbane this is where you go. It is also a common meeting place, with many people meeting where Albert Street would cross the Mall at the Hungry Jacks or Rankins Newsagent. Although most of the mall is open space, there is a large overhead panel at this location, which it makes it good for shade from the sun and cover from the rain.

As I continued up the Mall today taking these shots, I was amazed at how much greenery is around in the city. There are a number of large trees, and many raised garden beds. There's also ample seating so you can sit and wait and people watch. At the top end of the mall a performance stage often showcases bands, street performance and street theatre and surprisingly or not, it usually is quite good. Whenever an Australian Idol comes to town its always packed!

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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