Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Naval Offices

Naval Offices
The Naval Offices at 3 Edward Street are representative of the historic character of the Brisbane riverfront. They were built in 1901 as the administrative headquarters of Queensland Marine Defence Force, providing a residence for the Naval Commandant and his staff. The Naval Offices served as a key naval administrative location from the Royal Australian Navy's formation in 1913 and throughout two World Wars. The premises were occupied by the Navy through to 1959. Subsequently, they were used by various government departments until being leased as a restaurant in 1982. The Naval Offices are currently home to Baggaley's Florist.

Naval Offices Pediment
The architectural style of the building is mainly Baroque, with an ornate entrance pediment which incorporates the Naval Defence Coat of Arms. This is a largely intact example of a Federation period building. The original wrought iron entry gates still hang in the arched entrance way. The building is predominantly constructed from red brick which is essentially plain on the lower level and stuccoed on the upper level.

Naval Offices
This is another of the city buildings with a unique and largely intact historical significance. Being so close to the river, the naval representatives would have had a commanding view of the activities on the river during both wars, although now the Stamford Hotel has largely blocked their vista. They could also have monitored activities at the Naval Store, directly across the river. Today, there's flowers inside, so if you're looking for a brilliant bloom, have a look at their floral delights whilst you savour the history!

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