Saturday, May 26, 2007

Topiary Surprise

Topiary Surprise - Roma Street Parkland
Topiary Surprise is a cluster of sandstone sculptures located within the Spectacle Garden at Roma Street Parkland. Unveiled in 2001, the works are by Brisbane sculptor Rhyl Hinwood. They are sculpted from Helidon freestone.

Topiary Surprise - Roma Street ParklandSited within the Spectacle Garden next to the topiary and maze, the sandstone is sculpted in domed forms. Rhyl outlines on her website that the intention was to reflect the shapes of the surrounding clipped plants, such as azalea, camellia, gardenia and dwarf bougainvillea. The surface of each of these has been etched to show the leaves of each of these plants. In addition, carved images of Queensland native fauna are also included, such as the cicada, snake, lizard and jewel beetle.

My youngest certainly loved exploring these sculptures. I'm not quite sure he was meant to run on the garden, but the invitation of the snake and lizard made it hard for him to resist, and he is less than two! He liked the smooth feel of the sandstone, and delighted in pointing out each of the animals he found. What a great way to show your kids not only the gardens, but the great works of art that are found co-located with them.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Jodi said...

ohmygosh! The baby is getting so big. I haven't seen any pics of him for 6 months since you stopped the Angry Dad blog, he has really grown!

Oh yeah, and pretty niffty garden pic too...

mal E said...

Wes, back again lurking on {eye love bne}
again great to see Rhyl's work again . . .
have you been up to see and record out Caxton Street Catenaries? + out stainless steel collar? . . . it needs a night shot we believe.
Cheers from mal E and Bh
Malcolm Enright & Barbara Heath