Friday, May 4, 2007

Port Office Hotel

Port Office Hotel
The Port Office Hotel is a restaurant and bar complex located at the corner of Margaret and Edward Streets. It consists of the restaurant F!X, several bars, a nightclub, a Boardroom, a private wine room and also includes function facilities to cater for corporate events or weddings. Open most days from 11:30am until late, the most active nights are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The Port Office Hotel is one of the oldest buildings in Brisbane. The building served as the place for accommodation of the officials engaged in shipping activities in the original port. Initially known as the Shamrock Hotel, it began operation in May of 1864. It has been rebuilt and refurbished a number of times since its early days, with the latest major refurbishment done in 2000. Internally some of the early timber doors, architraves, and skirtings survive but otherwise the majority including has been altered in various refurbishments. It is a heritage listed building.

Having eaten at the F!X restaurant I can recommend eating there. As a place to relax, the Marble Bar provides a great location to put up your feet and watch the world go by as you have a drink. Upstairs in the Velvet Room you can either enjoy the nightclub, or hang out on the veranda overlooking the street. Overall, if you're looking for a place to hang out and chill, you can't go too wrong heading here.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Stuff said...

Ah right, I think we took this video while sitting outside that pub

Bloody good place. Didn't realize there was more to it though.

Nice work, nice site!

Wes said...

Hi Stuff!
Thanks for visiting the site, but I'm pretty sure the Pub you're referring to is Irish Murphy's, opposite the Treasury Casino. It sure looks like it in the video!
Cheers, Wes.

Stuff said...

Buggar, wrong again!

Probably need to re-visit Brisbane then and use your site as a tour map.