Sunday, January 21, 2007

Perkin's Stables

Although this artwork, Perkin's Stables, looks like it is indoors, it actually is quite close to the footpath on Mary Street, and confronts you as you walk down the street. It is at the entrance to Quest River Park Central, located between Edward & Albert Streets, at 120 Mary Street. It was created by artist Cezary Stulgis, and installed in January of 2004.

From the plaque at the site, it describes a drawing of workers at The Perkins (Brewery) Stables located at the site of the current building, but circa 1900. The artist drew his inspiration from a photograph in a daily newspaper of the time. The Perkins Stables acted as the transport division for the brewery, which was located directly across the street. A fire destroyed the Perkins Brewery in 1935, however the stables building remained (in a modified form) on the site until the apartment block was built in 2004.

Made of welded mild steel, sheet and rod, with a red polyurethane coating, it is hard not to notice this art. I'm glad its not hidden away behind the glass doors of the apartments. Cezary has a number of other artworks around Brisbane, which I hope to include in these pages over the course of the year. Next to the artwork is also a memorial plaque to John Mangano, a young man taken before his time, who worked on the new buildings development.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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