Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Central Station

The official address for the Central Railway Station is 304 Ann Street. In reality, the entire facade extends down most of the block on Ann Street, and is bounded by Edward, Turbot and Creek Streets. The clock tower of the Ann Street frontage aligns with the war memorial opposite and the entire building provides a backdrop for ANZAC Square. The station is the central railway station for the Queensland Rail CityTrain rail network.

Central Station was constructed as the inner city link of the Queensland railway network, operational from 18 August 1889. The original building was completed in 1901. Over the years, the Central Station complex has been substantially altered, with the most intact section being this facade fronting Ann Street. This section is an example of Federation Free Style architecture. It is a significant landmark in the city of Brisbane.

Today the station acts as one of the main hubs of the rail network. I used to catch the train into the city and this was my main drop off point. The internals have been modernised to reflect a modern rail network, but the main facade still retains its heritage qualities. Most people, however, access the station from the walkway entrances at Edward and Creek Streets, or via the subway from ANZAC square.

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