Thursday, January 25, 2007

Juxtaposition I

Juxtaposition I is a sculpture which was commissioned by the Brisbane City Council and installed in 1990. The sculpture is another of those dotted around King Edward Park, which reaches between Turbot Street and Wickham Terrace. The artist for the sculpture was Robert J Morris.

Born in South Australia, Robert J. M. Morris has had a rather consistent theme to his sculpture. He has art which may be termed as painting sculpture. He has travelled and exhibited internationally, and I now believe he is located in Cincinnati, Ohio in the U.S. He is recorded as saying:

"I exist in a Time & Space that is simultaneously material & spiritual. The material is my painting & space is the environment in which I work. Time moves me through this space to the next space or moment of existence. The spiritual is my inner self (gaining) understanding through the act of painting".

Unfortunately I feel that this artwork is a little worse for wear being out in the sometimes harsh Brisbane sun for over 15 years. It also isn't helped that at the moment there is some ground works going on in the park, which have meant that there is some quite unattractive orange temporary fencing surrounding the sculpture. I like the contrast of the colours used, and feel I can get a sense of the type of landscape he may have been trying to depict.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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