Friday, January 5, 2007

Felix the Mobile Man

This definitely is one sculpture that took my eye. Just outside the Vroom cafe on the corner of Mary and Felix Streets, you'll notice a huge metallic male. He's standing there, appearing to extol the virtues of some business strategy he's devised to a like minded person on the other end of his mobile phone call. To me, that's why I refer to him as the Mobile Man. Standing over 3 metres tall "Felix", as he's really known, commands your attention although his attention isn't directed at you. Created by Terry Summers, I was surprised to read he started life as a pile of cardboard, destined for the dump.

One of the most fascinating pieces of this sculpture is the feet. I love the way the sculptor paid attention to the detail of the shoes and buckles. The open flaring of the shoes almost gives the impression that you can see his socks as well, and to me these would be some kind of funky hoop lined or candy striped numbers. The whole suit he's adorned in gives the image an eclectic touch, so to me he looks like not just a businessman, but someone with an eclectic flair. An entrepreneur doing his latest creative deal.

Ultimately the life of this person, were he real, wouldn't be mine. I'm too conservative and labour minded. Although I like to think of myself as quite creative, most people would say I have the fashion flair of a 15 year old wet blanket. And there's no way I'd wear shoes with buckles either!

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Cheeky said...

No buckles??? Awww come on....

Melody said...

What detail!!!

Jodi said...

that is SO cool. years ago we went to Carmel, CA and everywhere there are these life like plaster moldings of is so cool and kinda creepy how life like they were.