Monday, January 8, 2007

Still Life with Landscape

King Edward Park, which reaches between Turbot Street and Wickham Terrace, is an interesting place. It was named in the early part of the century to honour King Edward VII. In the 1990's it was reopened as a sculpture park for works from the Brisbane City Council. The park is touted as being a great place for wedding photos, however, it has quite a steep bank. There are a number of sculptures within the park.

Robert Parr was an engineer who it would appear did sculpture as a hobby, although he taught it at Canberra School of Art for several years. It was put in the park in 1990 after being commissioned by the council. It is representative of many of his works if you look at other pieces in the above link.

This would most likely be one of his larger pieces, and I really like it! As you come across it walking up the path, the main focus is on the flowers, which get the three dimensional aspect regardless of how you view the piece. However, when you look at it face on, as in the picture above, you get the framed landscape perspective, with the flowers on the table providing foreground to the view "out the window" so to speak. If only we all could look at the window at a park.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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