Wednesday, May 23, 2007

William Buck Centre Windmill

William Buck Centre WindmillThe William Buck Centre at 120 Edward Street has an interesting windmill sculpture in its entry foyer. Well, this is what I've called it! I've been unable to find much specifically about the sculpture. As you can see from the pictures, it incorporates what appears to be a stainless steel spiral over an eight pointed framework. It rotates clockwise and must be close to 3 metres in diameter from casual observation.

The William Buck Centre incorporates some incredible environmentally supportive technology. It has a large solar panel roof structure, which has been built into the overall structure. The whole office tower has been designed to minimise energy consumption. Energy efficient features include movement and light-level sensors, low-flow shower roses, dual-flush toilets, movement detector urinals, flow limiters on taps, solar hot water collectors. Studies with the Environmental Protection Agency have shown the results of these efficiencies, and the tower has a 4.5 star building greenhouse rating.

William Buck Centre WindmillInitially it was the novelty of the sculpture which drew me into the foyer in the first place. The panel underneath, highlighting information such as carbon emission efficiency gains, suggested that the building might have something more to offer. It was only when I began research into what the building was all about that I discovered its green nature. Lets hope that this offers more than a glimpse to the future, and all developments will incorporate these kinds of initiatives, as well as offering us unique public art.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Jodi said...

alright, I have just one question, what is a shower rose and why would an office building need one?

It is very cool that they made the building so "green". I hope that more companies do that as new buildings are being built.

denyjune said...

The work is called "Sundial Millenium" by Laurindo De Abreu Soto. It is made from aircraft aluminium with a 180 watt solar powered electric motor. There is a plaque just inside the building on the wall on the right hand side at the entrance. For more works by the artist check

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