Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dinosaur Garden

The Dinosaur Garden is part of the Queensland Museum at Southbank. It is accessible from the Museum itself, or the footpath on Grey Street. The main features of the garden are the life-sized reconstructions of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Triceratops. The museum is generally open from 9:30am to 5:00pm daily. Admission is free except for special temporary exhibitions.

Tyrannosaurus RexThe exhibit features two of the most well known dinosaurs. Both are indicated as having lived in North America 65 million years ago. Tyrannosaurus is noted as being a giant bipedal carnivore, although less common than Triceratops. Triceratops is noted as a quadrupedal herbivore, and information is provided on its bony frill used for protection. It is postulated that this was used in its conflicts with other Triceratops or Tyrannosaurus. Although not native to Queensland they provide a great example of what dinosaurs could have been like. More information about Dinosaurs, with particular reference to Queensland species, can be found at the Queensland Museum Dinosaur web site.

T-Rex TeethHow would you like to come across either of these beasties? I've seen Jurassic Park, and I'm sure glad that these types of dinosaurs don't still rule and roam the Earth. The chompers on the T-Rex would make short shrift of me. Of course, you can use these stories with your kids, and I'm fortunate because at the moment my three will believe anything! If you snap and growl and roar like a T-Rex you can chase them all around the garden. This is a great location to take the kids for a quick run through, and a welcome place to rest your feet after traversing the museum, and chasing the kids.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Jodi said...

my kids would LOVE that place. Those two are dinosaur freaks!