Sunday, March 25, 2007


Aquativity is a new interactive water play park which has recently been opened at South Bank Parklands. Located adjacent to the Streets Beach, it offers a range of pool and play areas suitable for toddlers through to teens. It was built at an estimated cost more than $4 million by Splat landscape architects who have done many large scale projects around Brisbane. Construction was started in May 2006, and finished early this year.

The primary design philosophy of Aquativity was to create a place of local distinctiveness that celebrates Brisbane. It was also conceived to celebrate Brisbane and one of its defining features, the Brisbane River. To explore this the developers outlined three main themes:

  • Environmental interactions with the river
  • Indigenous connections to the river
  • European settlement patterns as they interact with the river
With the drought they have also had to consider the incorporation of low water use features to match seasonal demands.

They have done a wonderful job putting this together. Even though today it was raining when we finally made it to South Bank, there were still a number of kids playing in the area. Due to the drought, not all the features in the park are working, but many still are including the guided water jets and the interactive water fountains. They also make it clear that the water to fill the park was trucked in from outside the current drought areas. I can't wait to take the boys back with their swimmers, and from the looks on their faces, I don't think they can either!

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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h&b said...

That *does* look good !!!

Anonymous said...

You should have a look at night it is fanastic!! It even has a sound track on occasions play in time with the music.

Wes said...

Thanks Anon!
I'll have to go and look at it at night!
Cheers, Wes.