Tuesday, March 13, 2007


If you've ever been stuck for conversation, perhaps you would be wise to study the sculpture known as Dialogue located outside Macarthur Chambers on Queen Street. Made of cast bronze with a granite plate, it features two figures - a man and a woman - poised at a particular point of conversation. It was commissioned in 2004, and sculpted by Cezary Stulgis.

This would be one of the most prominent pieces of public art in the city. On the Post Office side of the street, it is across the road from one of Cezary's other works, the Overseer. Depending on the angle you view the piece, the conversation could be interpreted as many things: indifference by the man and defensive by the female; the woman waits, anticipating the conversation as the man prepares his seduction; or an air of misgiving hanging over both, that this may be the last dialogue they have.

I am rapidly becoming a fan of Cezary's work. I love the way he captures the human form, in all its frailty and magnificence. The beauty of the forms, in particularly the heads and faces, I find are done in such a way that I can admire the skill in which they have rendered, but to which I can apply my own interpretation. By this I mean that they are not so perfectly rendered that you only see one form. For me, I see many, and that's why I love these works.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Jodi said...

That is truly beautiful. So very beautiful. Sculputures amaze me frankly. they look so life like it's creepy in a way.