Friday, March 2, 2007

Palace Backpackers Hostel

Located on the corner of Ann and Edward Street, at 308 Edward Street, is the Palace Backpackers Hostel. One of the primary backpacker facilities in Brisbane, With a variety of accommodation from single and double rooms through to dormitory facilities, their is catering for many tastes, although if you go, you have to have a backpack (not suitcases!) There are a wide variety of shared facilities including: laundry; kitchen; BBQ area; TV and communal rooms; telephones; Internet; and licensed travel agent.

Formerly known as The People's Palace it was built in 1910-11 for the Salvation Army as a temperance hotel. It was designed by the Salvation Army's architect Colonel Saunders (no, not the Chicken Colonel!) Built near Central Railway Station, the hotel contained 130 rooms and provided inexpensive "working class" accommodation for travellers. This continues to this day, although I don't believe the temperance movement is too active there any more. Imagine if alcohol, gambling or `other evils' were not permitted on the premises these days!

The building still holds a strong cultural impact within the city. It is representative of federation style, and the cast iron balustrades are almost unique within the city. It even has the original lift beside the entry foyer. It really is a fantastic place for visitors to the city as well, as it is close to everything. If I were a backpacker this would be high on my choices of places to stay.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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