Saturday, March 3, 2007


In the George Street forecourt of the Brisbane Magistrates Court is the large sculpture Confluence by Daniel Templeman. The courts are located at 363 George Street. It was commissioned as part of the Art Built-In programme in 2004. Made of plate aluminium and concrete, the sculpture is definitely a striking part of the entrance to the complex. It measures 65 metres in length.

Daniel Templeman is a Brisbane born artist, who has been steadily exhibiting around Brisbane since graduating in 1999. This was his first public art commission. Of the work, he has described it as representative of a "notion associated with the judicial experience; that life presents obstacles which are either seen as overwhelming or resolvable. The work begins with a sense of calm, building up intensity towards the 'obstacle' before penetrating it and returning to the 'resolved' state."

I love the lines on this sculpture, and I love the description. When you study the work it is obvious what Daniel was trying to achieve. The rolling wave of metal bursting through the so called obstacle before reaching its resolution is brilliant. It also makes a great resting place for weary feet when you've been wandering around the city on a warm Saturday afternoon!

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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