Monday, March 26, 2007

Brisbane Arcade

Brisbane Arcade is located at 160 Queen Street Mall in the Central Business District. It houses stores which sell award-winning fashion, fine jewellery, bridal accessories, homewares and antiques, along with having some fantastic cafes. This happens to be all in the one elegant, heritage shopping galleria. It covers three levels: basement; ground; and balcony. It spans from the Mall through to Adelaide Street.

The Brisbane Arcade was built in 1923 for Dr James Mayne, and his sister Miss Mary Emelia Mayne, part of the infamous Mayne family. The site was previously occupied by the family home. The Arcade was designed by Richard Gailey (Junior), who is regarded as one of Queensland’s most prolific and important earlier architects. Despite the infamy and enormous wealth of their father, these children were quite philanthropic in donating back to Brisbane. The Arcade continues to be operated today by the Trustees of the estate of Dr James O’Neil Mayne and the estate of Miss Mary Emelia Mayne. The brother and sister were two principal benefactors of the Queensland University, enabling relocation to the St Lucia campus. Operating proceeds from Brisbane Arcade are for the direct benefit of the Medical School of the University.

Like many sights within Brisbane, with your dose of shopping you can also get a dose of history. In this case it is both unique and fascinating on both fronts. The shopping in this mall is upmarket, and most stores are incredibly well presented and sophisticated. The architecture within the mall is spectacular. The history is also enthralling. The Mayne family amassed incredible wealth, but the deathbed confessions of murder by their main patriarch, Patrick Mayne, brought into question the original source of the wealth. However, the children in their own rights did not deserve the disapproval and disdain they received due to the actions of their father.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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