Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The View Down Mary Street

If you stand at the intersection of George and Mary Street, you have a view down Mary Street all the way from one end of the city through to the Story Bridge. This shot was taken near the Executive Building at 100 Queen Street, home of the current Queensland Treasury.

The central streets of Brisbane are named after members of the House of Hanover, part of the British Royalty. Streets named after female members (Adelaide, Alice, Ann, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary) run parallel to Queen Street and Queen Street Mall (named in honour of Queen Victoria) and perpendicular to streets named after male members (Albert, Edward, George, William).

In history past, I could imagine standing at that same point over 100 years ago, and being surrounded on the high side of George Street by the many government buildings which had sprung up with Separation from New South Wales. I imagine that looking down the slope to the river, there would have been no high rise, and no bridge, just the early settlement and river traffic for what was to become the thriving hub of the North.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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h&b said...

Hey - cool on the "nom" - do you know who nom'd you ? I will chuck a vote your way ( and also for "Grab Your Fork", who I also read ).

Got your email after we got back. Didn't get to Brissy, unfortunately - we were further North. Lovely though, just lovely.
Beautiful Qld ;)

Squishy said...

This is an excellent blog. Thank you, because anytime I feel homesick ,I can come and enjoy all that is Brisvegas through your eyes. Love it, just love it!