Thursday, February 8, 2007

CityCat and CityFerry

The CityCat and CityFerry are catamaran and ferry services which are operated on the Brisbane River. The services run along the Brisbane River between Brett's Wharf in the suburb of Hamilton in the east and the University of Queensland at St Lucia, via the Brisbane CBD. It is a great way to get around the city on the river. Services began on CityCat in 1996 with 6 vessels, each capable of carrying 150 passengers, with two further vessels being added to the CityCat fleet in 1998 due to increased demand. Two more were added in 2004-05. The area covered by the CityFerry service differs from that of the CityCat ferry service in that it is smaller, and is operated with 12 monohull ferries.

The service is a great way to get around the city via the river, with various crossings over the river, along with runs up and down the river stopping at various locations. Services run from around 6:00am through to 10:30pm each day. For around $5, you can travel all day. Full details can be found at the Translink web site.

I've used the cats and ferries as a great way to see the city from the river. There are a number of terminals near Eagle Street Pier which will allow you go either go up or down river, or across to Kangaroo Point. We have taken the kids on the ferry from New Farm Park up to South Bank Parklands, and they love it! Its definitely an enjoyable and cheap way of cruising the river.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Little_Miss_Moi said...

Dear Wes. Those little ferries are great. I see them and immediately think "brissie". When I was a kid living in Ascot (when it was in the flight path and thus not as exxy as now), we would walk down to the Hamilton pier and get a little Brisbane ferry across to Balmoral (I think?). It was wonderful. Ahhh memories.