Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Post Office Arch

The General Post Office for Brisbane at 261 Queen Street was opened in September of 1872. It has operated as a post office since then, and is part of Australia Post. The complex was established in 1872 to meet the increasing communications needs of the colony of Queensland. It is important as a prominent historic public building and civic focus for Brisbane residents since that time.

Splitting the complex is an arcade which runs from Queen Street through to Elizabeth Street. Its from here that this shot was taken, looking back through the arch to Post Office Square, ANZAC Square and Central Station in the far distance. On the left you have shops for the RACQ, and on the right, the Post Office and related postal services.

To get this shot I've had to stitch together two photos. I love how the arches and columns run down both sides, along with the single arch which you invites you into the arcade. With the sun streaming in, its hard to get a shot which doesn't look too bright, and still captures the view, effectively across two city blocks to the station. The masonry, brick and stonework are some of the hidden delights of this city.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Little Miss Moi said...

Dear Wes. I simply adore the GPO building. When I was at uni, I would find any excuse to pop in there and buy a stamp or card - anything. There's a lot of character in that building, and I used to cut through there, cross to St Stephens, and cut through there. A great, and quiet-ish, part of Brisbane.

Do they still only have a pedestrian crossing on the Queen St side? I always thought they needed traffic lights there... I'm sure I almost got hit a couple of times!

Wes said...

Hi Miss Moi!
Yep, there is still a pedestrian crossing from Post Office Square across to the post office, which you should only cross in large packs!
Cheers, Wes.

Jodi said...

This reminds me of a building we seen in Mexico when we went on our cruise. It was in a little tiny town. I cannot remember the name of that town though, geez. Anyway, the building was the local courthouse and looked almost like your picture there. It was quite charming.