Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Emerging Spirit

Emerging Spirit is a sculpture located within King Edward Park which was commissioned by the Brisbane City Council and installed in 1991. King Edward Park reaches between Turbot Street and Wickham Terrace, and the sculpture is just up from the Turbot Street entrance to the park. The artists for the sculpture are John Fitz-Walter and Jennifer Farley.

Made from ceramic, the sculpture reaches close to 2.5 metres high. As best as I can discover, both artists are Brisbane residents. Both have had exhibitions or other commissions in the greater Brisbane region. In this instance it would appear Jennifer focused on the sculpted aspects of the structure, and John on the painted aspects, although I am not totally sure this was the case!

To me, this is quite an abstract piece of art. On the three pillars, the coloured stain which has been used makes it seem like the pillars are somehow translucent or transparent. It is almost like you are seeing the outline of the trees and foliage in the background. Then, with what appears to be coming from the right most pillar and extending onto the middle, you have the outline of the so called Emerging Spirit, a human form's shadow about to be brought to life before your eyes. You have to look again to determine if the shadow is real, or merely abstract thought.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Grim Reality Girl said...

So much amazing art where you live! WOW! Color me jealous :-) Love the photos -- they tell a great story about Brisbane.