Thursday, April 5, 2007


Just above the Venice Cafe Restaurant and Bar in the Admiralty Towers pocket park are three sculptures on knots by Melbourne sculptor Simon Perry. Commissioned in 1996 by the developers of Admiralty Towers II and the Brisbane City Council, the collection consists of three knots sculptured in Helidon Sandstone. The knots represented are: Stevedore's Knot; Sailor's Knot; and Bowline.

Simon Perry is a Melbourne sculptor with a reputation as one of Australia's distinctive public artists. Born in London, Perry commenced his career in public sculpture in the UK and has completed a large number of commissions in the UK and Australia. Simon is a lecturer at RMIT in the School of Art and teaches in the Sculpture section and Art in Public Space. Over the last 20 years the main focus of Simon’s art practice has been in the research, design and production of large-scale public artworks for urban spaces both in Australia and internationally.

These sculpture are wonderfully positioned to represent the original life on the River. As you can see, with the river in the background you get a sense of the nautical feel to the works. This area, near Old Customs House, is where the ships would have come in to port after long sea journeys. I like Simon's works, and am particularly fond of one of his works down in Melbourne known as The Public Purse. I'm grateful we have some of his work represented here in Brisbane as well.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Megan Gutsell said...

Love your post, I didn't know Simon Perry made these Knots despite having them on my BIG Things map. He's done another BIG Thing in Caroline Springs, VIC as well. Not sure if you know about his BIG Tap. Just made a blog post for it if it's of interest to you.