Thursday, September 27, 2007

Queensland Maritime Museum

Queensland Maritime MuseumThe Queensland Maritime Museum is located at the intersection of Sidon and Stanley Streets at the southern end of the South Bank Parklands. Staffed by volunteers, the museum offers an engaging look into the long maritime history of Queensland. The museum is open most days of the year from 9:30am to 4:30pm, and also is available outside these hours for private functions. Admission charges range from $3.50 for kids to $7 for adults, with family and group discounts also available. There is also a Museum Shop which stocks a collection of maritime books, gifts, and souvenirs. Great views of many of the outside exhibitions can also be seen from the Goodwill Bridge.

Queensland Maritime MuseumThe museum was founded in 1971, and is run by the self-funded voluntary Queensland Maritime Museum Association. The main entrance incorporates a two level exhibition building presenting historic sailing ship models together with merchant shipping from early cargo ships to modern container ships, tankers and cruise liners. Of particular personal interest is the large wall map showing the location of approximately 200 of the 1500 vessels that came to grief in the graveyard of ships along the Queensland coast, in part due to the various coral reefs.

Queensland Maritime Museum Forceful
Outside you get to see some of that history come alive. The HMAS Diamatina currently sits in part of the South Brisbane Dry Dock, itself a landmark due to and the century of service it provided to ships and submarines of all types. There are also exhibitions to lighthouses, and other vessels such as the Penguin, and my personal favourite, the Forceful. Built in 1925, for most of her career she acted as a tug on the Brisbane River with brief trips to the Middle East, Fremantle and Darwin during the war years. Her life as a museum ship started at the same time as the opening of the museum back in 1971, although ever now and again she has runs out and about on the river.

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