Thursday, September 6, 2007

Balloons over Brisbane

Balloons over Brisbane
One of the great tourist attractions which are available in Brisbane means you need to step away from the city to partake in it. However, it still meets the criteria of being involved with Brisbane City, its just that you generally go right over the top of it! The activity is Hot Air Ballooning. Flights will generally take you over the Brisbane River and allow amazing views of the Brisbane City centre and buildings. On clear days the in-flight views to extend north beyond the Glass House Mountains and south to the Border Ranges, with Moreton Bay and the islands visible to the east. Most hotels in the city will have a booking service for the various ballooning operators.

Balloons over Brisbane, Floating Images and Fly me to the Moon all offer flights at dawn. Sure, you have to get up early, but for the flight, the spectacular views, and the chance to see the sunrise over Moreton Island its worth that little less shut-eye. Flights run year round, weather permitting, with an early start during the summer months. Flight time is around one hour, although the whole event tends to take three to four hours. Prices range from around $200-$300 depending on inclusions and time of week. Group and children's discounts are often available.

What a great way to experience the city, although I've never done it! The reason why I haven't is because I'm scared of heights. Everyone assures me that this isn't an issue in the basket, and that it is quiet and exhilarating once you're aloft. All of the sites promoting each operator provide fantastic shots and even video of the views. I prefer to watch them from the river or outside the city to see their colourful displays enhanced by the backdrop of the city.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Alex G. said...

Great post as every article on your blog. I love the detailed descriptions and photos. Keep up the good work! and keep those awards coming. Thanks.

Jodi said...

Yes, I agree. I would prefer to see the sights from the safety of the ground, thank you very much. They are having a big balloon event in Reno this weekend, I need to remember to watch the news to see all the pretty balloons flying.

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