Sunday, July 15, 2007

State Library of Queensland

State Library of Queensland
The State Library of Queensland is located in the Cultural Centre at Stanley Place, Southbank. Next to the Gallery of Modern Art, it reopened at its revamped location on the 25 November, 2006. The library is open daily from 10am to 5pm, with extended hours through to 8pm on Monday through Thursday. There are also commercial outlets including the Library Shop and Tognini's Cafe.

State Library of Queensland EntranceWith its mission of "Creatively linking Queenslanders to information, knowledge and each other", the State Library offers a raft of services to the Queensland public. These include access to traditional hard materials like books, newspapers, journals, family history, maps and audio-visual, as well as a number of electronic services, such as bibliographic and full content databases. They also provide access to key historical collections of Queensland, including the John Oxley Library. The State Library has a distinct focus on Queensland’s documentary heritage, and advocates for as well as partners with public libraries all across Queensland.

State Library of Queensland Entrance
Despite the new look to the library, many of the traditional services offered have been provided to the community for well over 100 years. Since moving from the Former State Library in William Street in 1988, the Library has continued to grow and expand into a far more varied offering today. They provide services that would have been frowned upon years ago, particularly with the active kids programs (and noise that goes along with them!) Their electronic services are excellent, with wireless access throughout. Being a former librarian myself, I'm incredibly proud that such a great facility is available here.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Holy moly, that is one cool looking library. I'll bet you could spend the whole day there!