Sunday, July 1, 2007

I'm Back - And an Update

Dear Valued Readers!

Over the course of the majority of this year, I've attempted to blog each day about an element of Brisbane City that I've found of interest. This is has been quite demanding, and although I've found it very enjoyable the time burden has become somewhat of a personal issue.

So instead of posting daily, I'm now intending to post somewhat less frequently. This isn't because I've found the city has less to offer, rather, there are always new and exciting things to explore and discover. I hope to continue to share these with you into the coming months.

Cheers, Wes.


jeanie said...

Thats okay Wes - I am always amazed at how much information you have on every post and I didn't really believe you could juggle real life and the effort here.

You still have a very fine backlog here for many to enjoy!

Ueli said...

Hi Wes,

Found this great blog about Brisbane. I'm from Switzerland and have been living for 2 years in Brisbane about 5 years ago. So I'am very happy to see what's going on in Brisbane. Thank you!

Also posted a link on my website about your blog:

Australien Links

Have a look!