Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Shingle Inn

The Shingle Inn - Macarthur Central
Today is my birthday, and what better way to celebrate it with a post on The Shingle Inn. Somewhat of an institution in Brisbane, The Shingle Inn has been creating superior quality cakes since 1936. There are a number of stores throughout Brisbane and the suburbs, however the one represented here is in the basement of the Macarthur Central. The store consists of display cabinets for cakes and pastries, with a cafe area with magnificent high backed chairs to sit, eat and enjoy purchased treats at your leisure.

The Shingle Inn has a long and distinguished history within Brisbane. The original Shingle Inn was unfortunately closed in August 2002. Located in Edward Street between Adelaide and Queen Streets, it resembled English Tudor architecture, and had a distinct feel both inside and out. It also was said to be a popular haunt of soldiers during the second world war, as detailed here. After its closure, the original was painstakingly dismantled due to its heritage listing, with the intent that it would be rebuilt at some future time.

I'm glad you can still savour the delicious cakes in the city even with the original closed. I must admit, however, that as much as I wanted to buy a birthday cake during the day, I knew my wife had made me scrumptious chocolate mousse to devour when I got home - so I had to knock it back for today. There have been very recent rumours that the original Inn will be rebuilt at City Hall, with specific budget put aside, but we shall see.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

Click Here for the Google Map Reference for this post. (In this case, it is for the Macarthur Central store.)

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Jodi said...

YUUUUMMMMYYYYYY. Can't wait to see pics of the new place..what are you going to write about next year? I can't wait to see pics when the Shingle Inn is rebuilt. Oh and I hope you had a good day! What are you now, 29???? :)