Monday, June 18, 2007

Adelaide Street Animal Sculpture

Adelaide Street Animal Sculpture - Flying Fox
The light posts on Adelaide Street between George and Edward Street are home to a menagerie of sculpted creatures. Created by artist Fred Whitehouse, they include Birds, a Flying Fox, a Frog, a Goanna and a Possum. They are installed in Adelaide Street as permanent artworks. They are all cast bronze sculptures and were installed in 1996.

Adelaide Street Animal Sculpture - PossumThe detail of each is exquisite, even after more than ten years of peering down on the bus travellers of Brisbane. The recent roadworks and ongoing shop front work have meant that they may not be as obvious to those wandering past, but all you have to do is look up. Fred Whitehouse has other works installed around the city suburbs, however, I'm unsure if he is a local Queensland sculptor, or just happened to be passing through in 1996, when the bulk of his works in the area were installed.

Adelaide Street Animal Sculpture - GoannaThese are more examples of public artwork which blends into the streetscape and is not obvious to those doing their normal daily errands. It is fascinating to watch the responses of people as you turn your camera up to the top of a lamp post. Most people look at you with an expression of "What is he doing?" which soon turns to either delight, amazement or puzzlement when they realise that there are these fantastic creatures mere feet above their heads. I like the surprises, and that our city has these somewhat hidden delights - even if they are in full public view!

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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Jodi said...

That is soooo cute. You really really do have a amazing city. SOOOO much artwork and sights to see. I need to get Chad to shoot me w/an elephant tranquizler--then I could make the long long plane ride to Brisbane and stay at the hotels you have showed us, eat at all the yummy places, and see some of your city's awesome sights! :)

h&b said...

I love finding beautiful and interesting things in hidden places too.

These are great ! :)

U.K. 2 H.K. 2 U.S. said...

Might give a fright if you weren't expecting to see them!
How about some nice rubber bats in your mail box?
Or a plastic spider in your glove?
I wish more cities would buy sculpture for public places.

Anonymous said...

Fred Whitehouse is indeed a Brisbane artist, amongst other works in bronze he is noted for the vietnam/australian war memoral in RomaSt Parklands (Wickham St entrance) and four large aboriginal figures holding a 6 mtre rainbow serpent in the park at the end of Gilchrist Ave (opp RBH Herston Rd). He also sculpted the labrador "Monty" with basket at Stones Corner.From 1986 until 2004 he was creating the original figures for ice moulds for "Icecraft International" which were sent throughout the world. His daughter Sharon and grandson Andrew have continued the tradition of sculpting. Fred is also related through his mother to the well know sculptor Henry Moore.

Munichjoolz said...

These are so cute - I would love to travel to Brisbane to see them in person one day, particularly as I am Mr Whitehouse's niece. I can confirm what anonymous said, that Fred emigrated to Australia from Castleford, Yorkshire and that his Mother (my Grandmother) Lucretia, was Henry Moore's cousin. Also successful Swansea sculptor, Martin Evans is Fred's Nephew!

Anon said...

Isn't the internet great. I came across this looking for pictures of uncle Fred. You must be my mum glennis' cousin :)

Stephen Flood said...

I have yet to see these animals in the lights. Apparently there is also a snake amongst the animals on the poles. I have seen ‘Monty the Labrador’ which is a favourite of mine. I also have a personal sculpture of Fred Whitehouse called ‘The cover drive’.
It is a small sculpture, a limited edition of 500.
It depicts Sir Donald Bradman in a famous pose, as if just having hit the cricket ball.

Looks great with light behind it.