Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Cliffs Boardwalk

The Cliffs BoardwalkIf you cross the Goodwill Bridge from the city side, and venture around to your left, just under the Captain Cook Bridge (the Riverside Expressway) you'll find the start of The Cliffs Boardwalk. The walk runs adjacent to Lower River Terrace on the South Bank side of the Brisbane River. It stretchs along this reach of the river through Kangaroo Point Park to the Riverlife Adventure centre.

The Cliffs Boardwalk View
The Kangaroo Point cliffs are a results of a violent volcanic event which is estimated to have occurred some 220 million years ago. When the volcanic material settled, it was so hot it welded together. The fine grained rock which was formed is known as Brisbane Tuff. In the early years of settlement in Brisbane, convicts would quarry these cliffs to obtain the building stone which would be used in many of the city's original buildings.

The Cliffs Boardwalk City View
This is another of the great walks within easy reach of the Central City area of Brisbane. The views and atmosphere are fantastic, and you'll often find people scaling the cliff walls in search of their own adventure. The park areas include barbeques, play areas, grassed lawns and even a nature reserve. Both bike and walking tracks are available. As an afternoon of outside exercise there aren't many other things which come close as part of a family activity.

Cheers, I Love Brisbane, Wes.

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jeanie said...

As usual, Wes, a great post about a beautiful place. I had friends get married just a little further around the corner from there, and it was a wonderful promenade.

Jodi said...

Where are you? What's going on? I am missing your witty presence in blog land. What kind of blog are you going to have next year? It's almost 2008 ya know. How are your boys? Huh? Huh? Huh?

malcolmenright said...

Wes, what's up. . . no posts recently?
mal E (and Bh)

Karl said...

This photo is awesome,
there are some delicious food and restaurants in Brisbane too. Sunnybank is a great area to get all sorts of Asian foods.

Also relax at an outdoor cafe, Cafe Camilla, with some french desserts.

is there any other area nice?